According to American medical literature, trigger points are often very persistent ‘knots’ within a taut band of shortened muscle tissue.

Trigger points:

  • cause pain when pressed
  • cause sensations in distant areas (tingling, numbness of body areas, pain, burning)
  • are recognised by the patient as ‘their’ pain or symptom if pressed.

In this case, too, the therapist turns a chronic state into an inflammatory process, allowing the body to activate the metabolism and circulation to regenerate cells. This reaction lasts up to two days and feels like the muscles are sore or aching.

This treatment has the following therapeutic effects:

  • increased blood circulation and therefore reduced pain
  • muscle stretching leading to increased joint mobility
  • improved muscle elasticity and therefore muscles can be trained more efficiently (a tense muscle can only be strengthened to a point).

Incredible effects on persistent, usually therapy-resistant, chronically painful areas.