Physiotherapy is a very acclaimed type of massage and is usually prescribed as a personalised kinesiotherapy programme. Physicians and therapists prepare and carry out a therapy programme tailored to your symptoms. We accompany you through the ups and downs of the therapy with our expert hands and specialist care.


Physiotherapy is usually used for:


  • the musculoskeletal system (muscles, joints and nerves)
  • as well as the cardiovascular system
  • which has positive effects on the organs
  • and the person’s state of mind.

The therapist applies:


  • various soft tissue techniques (partially massage techniques),
  • concepts from kinesiotherapy
  • and manual techniques (to mobilise joints and the spine).

There can be various aims:


  • to relax tense and painful muscles (with relaxation techniques generally or locally)
  • to mobilise joints and the spine (e.g. after trauma or orthopaedic operations and immobilisations)
  • to relieve severe pain by changing posture or using hot and cold packs
  • to systematically strengthen weak muscles or generally improve your physical strength
  • to increase stamina
  • to acquire body awareness
  • to train correct patterns of movement
  • gait training
  • to train posture and back muscles in children and adults
  • to give advice on an ergonomic work area (ergonomic work area design, working posture)
  • advice on activities to balance out other behaviours
  • advice on preventing damage due to poor posture in everyday life
  • rehabilitation after strokes and other neurological diseases
  • as a preventive measure before already planned operations (knee and hip replacements, shoulder and knee operations).
  • An important goal is to help patients cope with their problem actively and responsibly. We also offer hydrogymnastics due to our fantastic location with its direct access to the thermal spa St. Kathrein. The water at our disposal is 32 to 34 degrees warm and has low radon levels.
Ein wichtiges Ziel ist es, die Patienten zu aktiver und  eigenverantwortlicher Auseinandersetzung mit ihrem Problem zu führen.
Da sich unser Institut im Gebäude der Therme St. Kathrein mit direktem Zugang zu dieser befindet, haben wir die Möglichkeit, dem Patienten Unterwassergymnastik anzubieten. Es steht  uns Thermalwasser von 32 und 34 Grad mit einer leichten Radonkonzentration zur Verfügung.


  • 30 minutes