With electrotherapy, different symptoms are treated with special types of electricity.
It is aimed at positively influencing secondary symptoms of a disease or a trauma to relieve the pain

and therefore improve the insufficient blood circulation and create the ideal conditions for subsequent physiotherapeutic treatment. The therapy also focuses on stimulating muscles in paralysed body parts.

Electrotherapy intends to alleviate pain, promote blood circulation, relax muscles, improve metabolism, strengthen muscles and reduce swelling and bruises.

Magnet Therapy
This therapy stimulates the metabolism. The electromagnetic oscillations used are attuned to the body’s own electromagnetic oscillations, reactivating weak cells, improving oxygen absorption, increasing blood flow, improving nutrient absorption and flushing out toxins more effectively. Mitochondrial energy production increases and the capacity of existing cells to regenerate and divide as well as the quality of new cells rises.
That is typically how illnesses heal, as is easily observed when wounds heal.

This method is used therapeutically to:

  • improve bone and cartilage structure in the event of musculoskeletal diseases
  • promote hormonal balance and hence improve physical and emotional well-being
  • alleviate neck and muscle tension
  • mitigate neuralgia and joint diseases
  • ease headaches, migraines etc.

As a preventive measure to:

  • increase cells’ oxygen absorption
  • improve metabolism and detoxification
  • recover and relieve stress
  • enhance physical and mental performance
  • harmonise the autonomic nervous system
  • stabilise the cardiovascular system and promote blood circulation.

Decompression Therapy

The patient experiences a gentle, rhythmic stretching of the affected spinal segments and their surrounding structures.

Ultrasound Therapy

Mechanical longitudinal waves change the pressure in the tissue and part of the sound energy is converted into frictional energy. As a result, the soft tissue is ‘micromassaged’. The depth of the sound penetration is approx. 8 cm.
The ultrasound has an analgesic effect, stimulates the metabolism and blood circulation and relaxes the muscles.


  • per treatment


  • 7 minutes

Magnetfeld Therapie

  • 16 minutes

Magnetfeld Therapie

  • 24 minutes