There are various applications for fango mud.
At our institute, powdered volcanic rock is mixed with thermal water, heated and applied to the affected areas of the patient’s body. The patient is then placed on a waterbed with a temperature of approx. 39 °C. In this way, we achieve an overall warming of the body which positively affects the whole body.

Fango mud packs are effective with

  • diseases of the rheumatic system
  • degenerative changes
  • all states of pain
  • autonomic disorders
  • all those who need some warmth.

Fango mud packs cause

  • increased blood circulation
  • increased metabolism
  • cleansing and detoxification
  • and a change in the autonomic nervous system.

Most patients feel pleasantly sleepy after the treatment.


  • 20 minutes
  • on the soft pack treatment table