Hydrogymnastics allows the patient to float in the water and therefore move without pain. Due to the soothing warmth of the water, otherwise unpleasant movements are perceived as pleasant. Depending on the intensity of the movement, either muscle relaxation or strengthening can be achieved while simultaneously training the cardiovascular system.

The physiotherapists at our institute make every effort to provide every patient with a personalised training programme to carry out at home to ensure the treatment’s success.

The tailor-made programme consists of exercises for
  • mobilisation
  • stability (incl. weights)
  • stretching
  • coordination and balance.

We will inform you about

  • hot and cold treatments (e.g. special Austrian curd poultices, compresses)
  • self-treatment (e.g. massages with spiky balls).

Recently one of our physiotherapists completed his special training to become a sports physiotherapist, allowing us to offer this type of physiotherapy for active sportspeople, especially golfers. A fantastic place to play is our beautiful golf course in Bad Kleinkirchheim.

30 min

  • individual