The entire body – including its organs – corresponds to different parts of the feet. These parts are treated with pulsating (activating) or sedating (calming) strokes. These strokes on the reflex points stimulate the corresponding area of the body. Painful areas refer to parts of the body or organs that are dysfunctional. This dysfunctionality is caused by

  • medical conditions that were not resolved in the past
  • current ailments
  • disorders that the patient does not yet perceive, but which are already affecting the body due to functional disharmony.

With the reflexology massage the therapist can

  • purify and detoxify
  • stimulate blood circulation and
  • the metabolism as well as
  • relax and
  • harmonise

the patient’s body.

The reflexology massage is particularly recommended

  • for preventive care
  • to mitigate and aid in the treatment of chronic diseases
  • for functional disorders.

This massage is a holistic treatment and has a surprisingly good pain-relieving effect on acute symptoms. Here too, the entire body undergoes a change and is harmonised.

30 minutes


50 minutes

  • incl. partial massage