Sports physiotherapy can be divided into two main applications:


Injuries and symptoms of strain due to too much training are avoided by accompanying the patient during training and competitions with the assistance of diagnostics for muscle and joint function as well as athletic performance. Training is controlled by balanced training (e.g. coordination, stamina, strength, stretching), stability training, relaxation and regeneration measures.


The aim is to restore normal athletic performance after injuries or phases of reduced performance. In addition to medical and physiotherapeutic measures, considering the patient’s current fitness level, it focuses in particular on sport-specific rehabilitation training to the point of returning to normal sports training.

In addition to these fields of activity, which are especially important for competitive athletes, many of the skills of sports physiotherapy can also be applied in fitness, health and popular sports, as well as in early functional aftercare (medical exercise therapy (MTT) and rehabilitative training therapy (MAT)) of non-athletes.

30 minutes


45 minutes


60 minutes